For over 25 years I have been creating digital art for a variety of platforms from video games to websites and commercial videos. I spent nearly 10 years working for George Lucas, first making children’s video games for 7 years, then working for his non-profit GLEF where we created documentary videos, multimedia and a magazine called Edutopia.

For the last 15 years I have worked for Aniden Interactive in Houston Texas. My role at Aniden changed over the years as the companies needs changed. I have been Senior Designer, Multimedia Department Manager, Project Lead and Producer at Aniden. But titles are just words, my role was basically the same regardless of  the deliverable type. Guide creative, client management and art production. In the different productions at Aniden I have worked as a video editor, storyboard artist, compositor, photographer, designer and motion artist.

I have always had an interest in photography and in 2000 started pursuing photography as a creative outlet which got me away from the computer. Since that time my passion for photography has exploded. Starting with nature photography I have honed my photographic skills and eventually started shooting portrait photography.

In 2002 I visited Hawaii for the first time. I was absolutely in love with the place. I saw lava for the first time and was obsessed with seeing more of it. This began a 20 year love affair with the island that has been an incredible journey.

My oldest son now lives in Hawaii and my newest grand-daughter was born there 🙂