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HP Slate Launch Video

This project was a very fast, intense sprint to the finish line. I was approached by my manager before Winter break with an urgent request for a storyboard for a launch video for the upcoming HP Tablet. The client already knew they wanted to show the product hidden in shadow with light revealing the sleak metal trim, leading into a full reveal. I quickly produced a storyboard and with the amazing talents of Kristin Zahra and Bret Jones we knocked this piece out in record time. The hands were shot on my Canon 7D in front of a green canvas and Bret did the 3D, while Kristin did the compositing. I ran the master edit. In the end the release was a success and the video garnered over 1 million hits on YouTube. The original post has since been removed (it was a decade ago), but there are still versions on YouTube with 10k-200k hits.

HP Slate Product Video

The client was so happy with the results from our first video, they had us do a few more "product videos". These were more direct, and honestly a lot more fun to work on. I believe the team on these varied with Jeremy Shelton, Kristin Zahra, Bret Jones and myself.