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Since I was a teen I had a passion for  photography and in about 2000 started exploring landscape photography and "VR" photography. Digital cameras were just emerging and it allowed me to shoot lots of photos without the development costs, the trade off was that the resolution and image quality were poor. Over the years technology has caught up and enabled me to produce a variety of images from several genres.


I have a passion for long exposure landscape photography. I often spend a few hours shooting the same spot immersed in each moment of my time there. I truly love doing these shots, I hope you enjoy them.

Chris Isaak Chris Isaak David J
Micah Brown
Jaime Preciado
Pierce The Veil
The Gypsy Kings Creighton Emrick
Billy Duffy
The Cult
Billy Idol Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner,
Isaac Slade
The Fray
Rev. Horton Heat Slash Slash Isaac Slade
The Fray
Ed Kowalczyk
Neon Trees Tyler Glenn
Neon Trees
Jacob Hemphill
Wes Scantlin
Puddle of Mudd
Eric Johnson Zakk Wylde Billy Idol Billy Idol with
Billy Morrison
Jacob Hemphill
Chris Isaak Ashley Reeves
Peter Murphy
Shirley Manson
Eric Johnson Slash Richard Patrick
The Gypsy Kings Ani DiFranco
© Richard Herron 2020
Live Music

In 2014 I thought I'd try my hand at shooting live music. Through a friend I made a contact at LiveNation and started shooting for the House of Blues in Houston TX. Live performance is some of the most intense and challenging photography I've ever done. Music photographers get about 15 minutes (first 3 songs) on average to shoot a band. Typically I will capture between 200-500 shots in that small amount of time and then choose 10 for publish.

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In recent years I've developed an interest in portrait photography. I have done portraits for bands, infants, corporate headshots and some experimental.